Preschool Security

By October 15, 2018 blog

Preschool Security

Apple of Your Eye Prioritizes Security with Controlled Keypad Door Entry, Closed Circuit Television, and many other Security Measures.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness of our children are of the utmost importance at our preschool. Building security plays a big role in creating a safe environment where children can learn, play and grow. Key principles of preschool security include ensuring that only authorized persons have contact with children, controlling access to preschool facilities, active monitoring of HD closed-circuit television, and maintaining secure check-in and check-out policies.

Apple of Your Eye implemented stringent security policies and procedures since our first school has opened in 1992. Below are some of the ways we keep your children safe and secure at preschool:

  • Keypad Entry System: A keypad entry system is considered the most secure option for controlling access to a preschool. At Apple of Your Eye, families and other authorized persons must enter a code on a numeric keypad to enter any facility. This code is also changed on a recurring basis.
  • Child Release Policies: All forms and policies are strictly enforced.
  • Background Checks: Federal Law requires states to conduct background checks for all preschool or daycare employees. Apple of Your Eye maintains background checks on file for every employee and every enrichment teacher allowed on school premises.
  • No Visitors: The only people allowed in facilities are parents, authorized pickups, employees and authorized enrichment instructors.
  • Exercises: Apple of Your Eye also conducts recurring Fire Evacuation Drills, Intruder Drills and Tornado/Earthquake Drills.
  • Keyed Access: All facility exterior doors are locked at all times throughout the day and are only accessible via keyed access.
  • Emergency Preparedness Guide: Upon enrolling, all parents receive the Apple of Your Eye Emergency Preparedness Guide which further explains our security measures and all policies and procedures affecting your child’s security and safety.

At Apple of Your Eye we understand the safety and security of your child is paramount. All of our locations follow the same standard of security measures. To learn more about our security and safety measures, contact Apple of Your Eye today.